Waitttt, here are 2 bonuses for you!​

You’ve stayed with us for quite a while. Thank you so much. You checked our ad, came to our website, registered, checked the confirmation email and now you’re here. It doesn’t seem much but given the short attention span nowadays, GOOD JOB. Here are a couple bonuses for you to have a better workshop.

  1. Instagram and Discord. ‘Uhhh enough with the self promotion guys’, thats what you are thinking? I understand, but we have a very good reason for doing so.

Before the workshop starts, we will be posting short 1-2 minute pre workshop content. A few things to think about, reflect, and explore. Just 1-2 minutes of content, but it can absolutely change your workshop experience compared to someone who hasen’t watched it. If they experience a 9/10, you will experience a 11. (Also because emails generally tend to go on promotions, boo!) So we will be posting details about the workshop in Instagram and Discord also.

  1. Prize!! A workshop needs a prize right? No? Well, screw it we’ll have one. This is going to be for the special ones. If you follow our advise on bonus number 1, and follow us on Instagram and Discord, you enter the ‘giveaway’ for this special prize. All you need to do to sign up is to dm us ‘done’ on Instagram, and type ‘done’ in #done in our Discord server. That gives you a chance to win an exciting prize.

You don’t have to. We have short attention spans. You came all the way here is a big thing, and I don’t expect all of you to utilise the two bonuses here. That is why its a ‘bonus’. For those you do, congratulations! You have a chance to win something exciting! See you at the workshop!



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